Another huge milestone as GKinetic Energy adds Canada to their growing patent portfolio. The Canadian Patent no. 2908126 was officially granted at the end of February. Following the company’s US patent approval in January earlier this year, GKinetic’s unique ‘bluff body’ concept is now fully protected in North America. Canada is a highly attractive market full of untapped hydrokinetic resources and communities searching for reliable clean energy technology. 

GKinetic has established a strong network of contacts in the country over the years through networking and events in Ireland and abroad. In 2017, Vincent Mc Cormack, CEO of GKinetic attended the Annual Marine Renewables Canada Conference and while on his visit, encouraged the creation of SOAR to address the need for a community-scale marine energy research and test centre. SOAR stands for Sustainable Oceans Applied Research and is a not for profit organization located in Nova Scotia, Canada adjacent to two world class tidal energy sites. 

SOAR, “The introduction of GKinetic Energy technology in Canada helps move the marine renewable industry one step closer towards providing reliable renewable energy to micro-grids in coastal communities. SOAR looks forward to advancing our relationship with GKinetic.  We offer the ability to test and demonstrate this promising technology in Canadian waters, enabled through working with industry, coastal communities, Indigenous peoples, academics, and stakeholders.  This collaboration is needed to involve a broad spectrum of abilities, create needs-based solutions, and achieve predictable renewable energy to shore while reducing fossil fuel dependency for many Canadian coastal communities. Micro-grids powered by renewable energy are a critical aspect for energy security and achieving climate change goals.”

Canada are known leaders in the marine renewables sector, with world renowned test facilities including: the Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE), the Canadian Hydrokinetic Turbine Test Center (CHTTC) and SOAR; established marine supply chains in place and successful marine energy deployments. Marine Renewables Canada is a well known organization that supports major moves in the industry. 

GKinetic plans to make landfall in Canada in the near future for possible collaborative research projects further connecting Canada and Ireland, with discussions currently in the pipeline. The company has a busy year lined up with testing planned for Summer 2021 at the IFREMER test facility supported by Marinet2 and the SEAI RD&D fund. Closer to home, the +CityxChange project is progressing well with Irish Environmental Consultants, JBA Consulting currently working with GKinetic on a hydrology study and licensing and permitting applications to deploy the GKinetic technology in Limerick. In addition to these projects, GKinetic has another exciting new project lined up with a planned announcement in the coming weeks.

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