GKinetic is thrilled to announce that we are recipients of an Autodesk Software donation through Autodesk’s Technology Impact Program. We were successfully awarded this program because of our work to develop a zero carbon hydrokinetic turbine which addresses 4 key UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is an incredible achievement to gain access to this software to help bring our clean energy products to market faster.


Autodesk produces a range of fantastic tools that have assisted our Engineers in reaching a number of milestones in the design of our hydrokinetic demonstrators to date. The Autodesk Technology Impact Program will allow us to progress the technology even further and in house instead of outsourcing such as carrying out CFD Simulations and creating high quality renders. 


We are delighted to be a part of this program and thank the Autodesk Technology Impact Program for their support on our journey to commercialising our hydrokinetic turbines.