Christmas comes early for GKinetic with Australian patent granted

19 December, 2018

Image illustrating GKinetic’s technology concept.

GKinetic Energy are thrilled to announce that we have just been granted patent protection in Australia for our ‘Power Generating Water Turbine Assembly.’ This is another significant milestone in the company’s commercialisation plans. The patent refers to a key knowledge item for the technology.

The GKinetic technology’s bluff body is a tear drop shaped vessel placed in between two vertical axis turbines. The shape of the vessel speeds up the natural flow of water into the turbines. This innovative design combined with the patented Blade Pitch Control System results in higher power outputs for end users. This is a major step in further developing the technology closer to market.

Overhead view of GKinetic’s 10kW prototype device being tested in the Limerick Docks in Limerick. Ireland.

The technology is being developed in a step by step collaborative approach by working with industry and academic partners on various different projects. Our strategic partner DesignPro Renewables recently deployed their 25kW device at the SEENEOH test site in Bordeaux, France as part of their Horizon 2020 project. In addition, GKinetic are currently consortium partners in the Horizon 2020 funded +CityxChange project to make Limerick, Ireland and Trondheim, Norway smart cities which could potentially see the first grid connected tidal turbine in Ireland. The goal of this project is to have the smart city model replicated in other locations across Europe and potentially around the globe.

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