The CityxChange project which we have been part of for the last five years has drawn to a close. Vincent McCormack (CEO) and Gary Brennan (CTO) attended the final event in Trondheim Norway where all the various aspects of the project were reported on.This project has played a large part in the advancement of GKinetic over the last number of years and we have really enjoyed our involvement in it. Gary got the opportunity to address the event and shared the experiences of GKinetics journey through the challenges and learnings while building our unit.  The main points he noted were following citizen engagement work which we undertook, the design was adapted to reflect people’s concerns around wildlife and disturbances. Gary spoke about one of the biggest challenges we encountered which was around planning and the regulatory framework that had to be negotiated but a huge milestone was achieved when planning was granted. He commented that we now await a foreshore license to keep moving forward.  


The CityxChange Project set out to develop and build Positive Energy Districts in smart sustainable cities and communities. If you want to read more you can check out their website.