Press Release issued 21st September 2020

GKinetic Energy is delighted to announce that they have successfully secured an Indonesian patent. The Indonesian energy market holds huge potential for hydrokinetic solutions such as the GKinetic turbine thanks to a vast island network, excellent resources and growing need for cutting edge, adaptable energy solutions. Many of these islands consist of remote villages with people living without reliable sustainable power. A solution such as the GKinetic hydrokinetic turbine could provide these remote communities with 24/7 clean energy reducing the need for backup generation or ‘stop-gap’ solutions such as diesel generators. 


GKinetic wrapped up several research and development projects in 2019, continuing to improve and scale up the turbine technology. In September last year, the company successfully tested their first submerged device for 5 days at the IFREMER test facility in Boulogne Sur Mer, France through the Marinet 2 Programme. A key project now is GKinetic’s role as a consortium partner for the EU Horizon 2020 funded +CityxChange project. The project aims to make Limerick, Ireland and Trondheim, Norway EU Smart Cities with the potential of the initiatives and renewable energy technology being replicated in the project’s 13 follower cities around Europe. +Cityxchange is in full swing and GKinetic is currently finalising a detailed proposal on how the hydrokinetic turbines could be deployed in the city as part of a positive energy block.


GKinetic are always open to exploring different collaborative opportunities and welcome people to get in touch through their website,