Our COO and Co-Founder Roisin Mc Cormack delivered a fantastic pitch presentation on ‘The Startup Tank’ that won GKinetic ‘Startup of The Night’ on 23rd of January. You can rewatch the video here: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpK5X5-qHX4)

Matt Ward and the investor judging panel made up of Gabriel Scheer from Elemental Excelerator. Armin G from SET ventures & David A. Galaviz from Social Wealth Partners who were won over by Roisin’s snappy 5-minute summary of the GKinetic technology. Roisin explained how GKinetics solution is being implemented through distributed energy partners, to open up access to clean energy through free flowing water, which is one of our best, untapped and predictable resources.

Well done to all the other innovative companies that pitched:

  • Revív – Adam Rajguru – Revív is an engineering firm bringing circular solutions for organic waste, plastic pollution and petrochemical supply chains.
  • ETHOSAGaëlle Chatelard- ‘Reinventing the shower category with waterless products’
  • Catalyco – Reinis Spunde- Catalyco is changing the tire and rubber industry towards sustainability by reducing scarcematerial consumption and implementing a circular economy approach where we use wastestreams to produce our advanced ZnO.
  • kleen hub– Robert Dichtl – They develop a circular-environment-friendly deposit system to eliminate disposable packaging in the food and coffee delivery/takeaway industry by providing reusable containersand cups to our customers.

If you are an active investor looking to support a climate tech startup to help in the flight against climate change, COO and Co-Founder Roisin Mc Cormack would be more than happy to set up a meeting to answer any questions you may have about GKinetic.

If you are a start up company that has a focus on combating the climate crisis we would highly recommended getting in touch with Matt Ward. Get more information on the website here: https://4ward.vc/syndicate/