Meet GKinetic’s co-owner Rose Mc Cormack

19 April, 2019

Rose and Vincent Mc Cormack on DesignPro’s 25kW turbine platform in Bordeaux, France

Our Managing Director Vincent Mc Cormack is now well established as the face of GKinetic, heading up project development and overseeing the technical aspects of the company, however working equally as hard in the background is his wife and GKinetic’s co-owner Rose Mc Cormack pictured here on DesignPro’s 25kW platform in SEENEOH just last week. From the very beginning, the husband and wife team have worked tirelessly on growing the company’s network and business since GKinetic was founded in 2014.

Vincent and Rose Mc Cormack at Ifremer in Boulogne Sur Mer, France in 2014

Working behind the scenes

Based in our main office in Newcastle West, County Limerick, Rose is the 2nd director and Financial Controller of the company. Her work ensures timely delivery of projects, financial accounts and reports. Last week, Rose got out of the West Limerick office and checked in with the DesignPro team on site in Bordeaux, France. DesignPro license the technology from GKinetic to develop small-scale devices and recently deployed a 25kW turbine at the SEENEOH test site in Bordeaux this past September.

A valued member of the GKinetic team

With the growing number of projects that the company is currently involved in: supporting DesignPro Renewables’ Horizon 2020 SME Instrument project; Consortium partners for the Horizon 2020 +CityxChange project and the recently funded Marinet 2 project, Rose keeps the ball rolling by overseeing the finance and accounting operations for the company and we wanted to take a moment to highlight her fantastic work and say a big thank you!

Rose Mc Cormack with the SEENEOH and DesignPro Renewables team on DesignPro’s 25kW turbine platform in Bordeaux, France

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