GKinetic Energy Ltd will temporarily anchor one of their CEFA12 hydrokinetic energy converters for a period of approximately 1-7 days (expected Tuesday the 19th – Friday 22nd of September 2023), to the downstream side of Sarsfield Bridge as part of a demonstration for The CityxChange project

The GKinetic CEFA12 hydrokinetic energy converter will be anchored in position as shown on drawing no. CXSB-602A (below) and will be removed by early the following week (25th September latest). The temporary anchor blocks that have been installed can also be seen on drawing no. CXSB-602A (below). The installation is outside the navigable channel as designated by Waterways Ireland. 

Drawing showing position of temporary anchor plus blocks.

Drawing no. CXSB-602A

The GKinetic CEFA12 hydrokinetic energy converter consists of one floating platform (measuring 5.8 x 2.1m) with two turbines underneath (measuring 1.2 x 1.2m). The unit will be anchored with a single point mooring allowing it to orient itself with the prevailing tide. It has been assessed by Queen’s University Belfast Marine Research Laboratory during a 6-month installation and found to have no negative impacts on aquatic life. No part of the turbines move at a speed faster than the speed of the water in which it is located.

The demonstration aims to show members of the public and stakeholders the unit ‘in real life’ and provide an opportunity to share their feedback, comments, concerns, ideas etc. A survey link to do so will be provided and circulated shortly.

Marine Notice issued by Shannon Foynes Port Company: https://www.sfpc.ie/marine-notice-no-15-of-2023/.