Our Story

With a strong background working across construction, marine and engineering industries, the challenge of cracking a viable solution for tidal energy generation was something CEO and Project Manager, Vincent Mc Cormack had been researching for years. One day while sailing on the Shannon Estuary, he noticed a mooring buoy which was almost completely submerged due to the strength of the tide pulling it under. What caught his attention was how the water was moving around the object; hitting the front and visibly accelerating out and around the buoy. An idea was born on how to simply maximise the energy potential in a flow of water without the need for creating an artificial height difference.

Following further research, sketches and prototypes, Vincent, and his brother John, deployed a working prototype in Foynes which proved they were on the right track. This MVP was improved upon and that was eventually taken to the IFREMER tank in France where the concept was officially validated.

GKinetic Energy Ltd. was founded in 2014 and is based in Newcastle West, County Limerick in Ireland. GKinetic is developing a range of innovative hydrokinetic turbines for both river and tidal flows. From the start, one of the main drivers has been the huge market opportunity to harness this reliable and predictable renewable energy resource. The design is completely unique and offers an improved solution for all the issues with existing hydro devices.

GKinetic receives great support and funding from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). A key strength has been the ability to identify and secure partners. This collaborative approach has resulted in cost effective Research & Development and remarkable milestone achievements.

GKinetic aims to continue to prove out technology at different scales and demonstrate our novel solution for flow acceleration and tidal energy extraction.



  • Flume Testing Design

    GKinetic contracted DesignPro to build a 1:20 scale device for flume testing in France.

  • Test Device Deployed in France

    Test device operates above industry standard at IFREMER in Boulogne-Sur-Mer, France with support from SEAI.

  • Setup Custom Test Facility

    GKinetic setup custom test facility collaborating with Shannon Foynes Port Company (SFPC).

  • Demonstration of 10Kw Device

    Successful demonstration of a 10kW device at the Limerick docks with support from SEAI and working with SFPC, MaREI (Marine Renewable Energy Ireland), NUI Galway and Windworks.

  • SEAI Award Winners

    Winners of Design Award at the Sustainable Energy Awards hosted by SEAI.

  • Build Partners secure funding

    Machine build partners DesignPro successful in Horizon 2020 Phase 1 funding aiming to commercialise small scale river devices.

  • Munster Regional Finalists in Seedcorn Competition

    GKinetic are named Munster Regional Finalists in the Seedcorn Investor Readiness Competition.

  • DesignPro Ltd. secure Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence

    Machine build partners, DesignPro Ltd. secure Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence for application to commercialise GKinetic’s technology concept.

  • DesignPro Ltd. successful in Horizon 2020 Phase 2 Funding

    DesignPro have successfully secured Horizon 2020 Phase 2 funding to commercialise small scale river devices using GKinetic's technology for a €2.7 Million project.

  • GKinetic secure €99,562 in funding from the SEAI

    GKinetic have received funding from SEAI’s Prototype Development Fund to carry out further optimisation and testing in the Limerick Docks.

  • The Future

    GKinetic are currently in talks with potential partners to deploy a number of pilot devices in Ireland and abroad.