An LOI has been signed by the CEO of GKinetic Energy, Vincent Mc Cormack, and the Managing Director of Torishima Service Solutions Europe, Takuya Ono. The two companies are working together to develop a partnership structure and commercial model for the global roll-out of GKinetic’s unique and innovative turbines.

GKinetic is an Irish-based company that has developed a range of hydrokinetic turbines that generate clean predictable energy from free-flowing water. The units can be floating (like a boat) or fixed to existing infrastructure such as canal walls and bridge pillars. The product offers a simple, low-cost add-on to owners of water infrastructure to turn their existing assets into generators of clean, predictable energy. The turbines do not block the waterway and allow easy passage of marine life and debris

Japanese pump manufacturer ‘Torishima’ has a worldwide presence with a wealth of experience in designing, manufacturing, assembling, installing, and maintaining pumping systems with the highest standards of quality. Torishima, an OEM of some of the world’s most advanced high-energy machinery, is a customer-led company that takes great pride in its after-sales service. Their experienced team offers a range of maintenance services that complement the needs for the commercial rollout and ongoing support and optimisation of GKinetic hydrokinetic solutions.

Torishima’s global reach and large ‘water footprint’ match very well with GKinetic’s range of solutions, solving a need for a reliable, baseload energy supply at a time where energy security has never been higher on the agenda. Torishima’s extensive network of manufacturing & service providers, assembly, supply, and engineering technicians ensures that sales enquiries can be progressed efficiently.

Managing Director at Torishima Europe, Takuya Ono, paid a visit to the GKinetic team in Ireland where he got to see the turbines in action:

“Our focus is to contribute to stopping Global Warming by achieving Net-Zero CO2 Emissions by 2050.  We believe the partnership with GKinetic (a developer of Hydrokinetic Turbines) and Torishima (a manufacturer of high-efficiency & reliable pumps with global engineering service network) can provide the best & unique solutions to the customers all over the world to accomplish 1) Energy Saving and 2) Energy Recovery.  There are enormous opportunities with potential where we can assist the customer to achieve such a goal.”

Commenting on the partnership, GKinetic CEO and Founder Vincent McCormack had the following to share:

“We are looking forward to building on our relationship with Torishima. They have a widespread network of sales people in many of our key markets. Torishima also has the equally important network of local industrial services that will install and maintain the equipment. They have already demonstrated a very dynamic approach to adopting innovation and support for clean solutions. I believe that working together we can make a big impact in the renewable energy sector. Exciting times ahead for sure.”

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