Zero Carbon Energy Technology

What Makes GKinetic’s Device Unique?

Design features that accelerate the flow of water


Naturally diverts objects away from the device


Ease of Deployment

Remote Monitoring System

Low Cost Operations & Maintenance

Delivered fully assembled up to 100kW

Environmentally friendly and built from completely recyclable materials

Cost Effective Levelised Cost of Energy

The GKinetic Device

The GKinetic concept involves two vertical axis turbines placed on either side of the buoyant vessel. The shape of the vessel increases the speed of water into the turbines. The combination of the accelerated flow along with our patented Blade Pitch Control System results in higher power outputs. There are no major civil works required, users can simply anchor the device in the flow.

Our technology exploits the natural phenomena that occurs when fluid accelerates around and outside an obstacle. This allows for significant energy to be generated in low flows. The device is scalable up to 1 MW and can be deployed in arrays to maximise power generation.

Range of Devices & Applications

The GKinetic device can be installed in Rivers, Oceans or Estuaries.

Methods of installation include Surface Piercing or Submerged. Devices can be Grid Connected or Stand Alone.