The aquaculture industry, along with so many others, are working to reduce their carbon output and switch to cleaner energy alternatives. GKinetic offers one such clean alternative in the form of a simple, floating turbine that generates predictable energy from free-flowing water. The company is excited to be actively involved and working with key industry players to help solve this problem. 


GKinetic recently joined the SAIC (Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Centre) Consortium, a move that cements the company’s commitment to helping solve the industry’s sustainable energy challenge. Aquaculture is a huge industry around the globe and Scotland is a major leader in this sector. According to the Scottish Association for Marine Science, “In the UK 96% of all marine aquaculture is based in Scotland, where the industry aims to double its turnover value to £3.6 billion and its employment numbers to 18,000 by 2030.” SAIC connects over 200 businesses and organisations in the consortium group with a focus on SAIC’s three workstreams: driving, nurturing and sharing innovation in the fast growing aquaculture sector. 


“We are delighted to welcome GKinetic – a leading hydrokinetic company – to the SAIC Consortium. Our mission is to transform Scottish aquaculture by unlocking sustainable growth through innovation excellence. Put simply, this means we work towards maximising the sector’s value to the Scottish economy while minimising its environmental impact. We therefore see this as a great opportunity for our network to explore innovative and sustainable ways to address diesel consumption across the sector.”Sarah Riddle, SAIC Director of Business Engagement 


GKinetic’s modular solution can provide uninterrupted power from flowing water and can easily be adapted to meet the unique energy needs of Fish Farms. GKinetic have visited Scotland several times to grow partnerships. The company looks forward to visiting again soon to meet with Fish Farm companies directly to help drive the integration of clean energy for this sustainable industry. GKinetic COO and Co-Founder Roisin Mc Cormack had the following to say: 


“There is undoubtedly a demand for sustainable and predictable energy in the aquaculture sector and GKinetic has long recognised the potential our hydrokinetic floating turbine could bring to the mix. Since joining SAIC, the support we have gotten, particularly from Sarah Riddle, SAIC’s Director of Business Engagement has been invaluable. We are now in active discussions with a number of large multinational Aquaculture firms and players, learning first hand about the challenges they face on a day to day basis and working with them in an open and transparent manner to help work towards a viable solution. Our experience with the industry so far it has been really positive. It has been heartening to see the genuine concern and commitment to make positive, clean changes. We are actively looking for a commercial pilot project to demonstrate our technology in an Aquaculture application in 2022/2023 and welcome any interested parties to get in touch”.


GKinetic is currently lining up commercial projects for the next 2 years for their floating hydrokinetic technology and welcomes any interested parties to get in touch at