We were delighted to be featured in a news story by the Tidal-GES Project’s team at the University of Galway who have been collaborating over the past months with us here in GKinetic Energy Ltd. They were reporting on the pilot testing and showcase of our CEFA-12 (12kW) turbine which was deployed in the Shannon River at the heart of Limerick City between the 19th and the 22nd of September 2023, as part of GKinetic’s involvement in the +CityxChange Project. The pictures attached show some of the team who travelled to the event on the day and whom it was great to meet up with to share the excitement of the day with considering their long term involvement with us here..

As you may  know from our own reports the aim of the demonstration was to allow people in Limerick City to see the unit in real-life and share their thoughts and feedback.
Links to footage they shared  of the unit in situ can be seen here.

Video 1: https://lnkd.in/dTZTNEBR
and Video 2: GKinetic Video

Members of their workpackages 2 and 3 are continuing to conduct ongoing work with us here on the GKinetic team. For more information about the TIDAL-GES involvement and work, check their  webpage and follow their news and updates on the :University of Galway site.