Update on GKinetic’s PTO System

12 June, 2016

GKinetic’s device generating zero carbon energy

GKinetic are delighted to announce that significant progress was made this month on the optimisation of our technology’s Power Take Off (PTO) system. This was achieved with help from our support team in MaREI, DesignPro Ltd. and Prototype Development Fund support from SEAI.

This achievement will see the re-deployment of a 10kW hydrokinetic turbine back in the Limerick Docks for a second round of testing in 2017, where GKinetic will also collaborate with NUI Galway and Numerics Warehouse. As a reminder, the company set up this custom test facility with Shannon Foynes Port Company and successfully tow tested and validated their device last year.

Our collaborative approach allows the company to continue to achieve milestones and develop the GKinetic technology.

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